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We love our dogs and believe in giving them the best possible products. Doggy Decadent treats are homemade in small batches to preserve quality, and we only use human-grade, dog safe ingredients. Not only will your pups thinks our delicacies are delicious, but you’ll rest assured knowing you’re spoiling them with healthy dog treats!

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Doggy Decadents specializes in providing freshly baked, all natural, healthy dog treats for your canine friends. Your dogs will love you for giving them treats made with wholesome and delicious ingredients, and as a pet parent you’ll enjoy the warm feeling you get from giving your pups a unique and beautiful gift prepared especially for them. Baked fresh in Eagle River, Alaska there are strictly no preservatives or other additives in these Decadent biscuits!

Celebrate your pup’s big day with a custom Doggy Cake! Birthday, Adoption Day, or K9 retirement, our Doggy Cakes are sure to be the highlight of the party!

Healthy Dog Treats

If your canine companion is slowing down in their golden years, we highly recommend our CBD Treatables and CBD Hemp Oil. Common uses for CBD for dogs include easing them through cancer pains, digestive and nausea issues, anxiety, joints and mobility issues, pain or inflammation, epilepsy and seizures, and more!

Our infused Bacon Cheddar Treats come in either a 3mg dose for dogs under 50 pounds or 5mg dose for larger dogs. Our all-natural CBD Hemp Oil is perfect for all sizes of dogs as the dosage can be easily regulated. Each bottle has an included dropper with each drop being 1mg of CBD. Order some for your pup today!


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